Special cabinet Transport

1. Special Cabinet

In view of Heavy class domestic machinery booming overseas markets, our company will launch a special new service. Specializes in large-scale machinery, engineering vehicles, tower cranes, loaders, die-casting machines and other large, extra-wide, ultra-high flat items such as cabinets, frame counter, open the top cabinet ...... special cabinet transport transportation business. 

2. Shenzhen railway connecting Central Asia

provide international transport services from China to Central Asia. Yu Asia as an international transport logistics company specialized companies to provide our clients from China to Central Asian countries "one-vote-style" whole international transport service, covering countries, including Kazakhstan,UzbekistanKyrgyzstanTajikistan, Turkmenistan Stein, Afghanistan, and the black sea state of Azerbaijan. Safe, quick and easy. We are your goods for full tracking service, allowing you to sit back and relax.

3. Immigration Moving

I Division in Australia, the United States and Canada have a strong agent network, has a rich experience of immigration cargo.

4. The supply of second-hand container

Our long-term supply all kinds of second-hand container, price concessions. welcome customers inquiries. 


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